When you come to Rocky Ridge, you know you're dealing with the best in the industry. We manufacture thousands of Custom lifted trucks every year. Every lifted truck, SUV, and Jeep we put together is carefully assembled to maintain the same standard of quality as the original factory. Rocky Ridge refuses to outsource any part of the process, and we do all conversions in-house at one of our nine different facilities. Each facility is dedicated to performing a different part of the process to perfection. From start to finish, we handle every part of your truck with painstaking detail. Everything that Rocky Ridge does is based around our guiding principles of quality, innovation, and trust. That's how we became the top manufacturer of off-road and performance trucks, and SUVs in the United States.

The Alpine edition from Rocky Ridge features 20-inch off-road wheels that give you the size you want, and huge 35-inch all-terrain tires provide the power you need to take this show off the road whenever you choose. Custom slim-line fender flares give this lifted truck some extra muscle without being too in-your-face. Rocky Ridge offers the Alpine edition for both trucks and lifted SUVs. No matter what you're looking for, we have the right vehicle featuring the Alpine package from Rocky Ridge.

Altitude package from Rocky Ridge is the definition of a big bad truck. When you want to take your 4×4 truck to the next level, you want the Altitude. The 6-inch custom-developed Rocky Ridge suspension lift kit puts you above the competition. Off-road wheels and tires make it even bigger for a lifted truck that can do just about anything.


The Rocky Ridge Stealth package was developed to be a real monster. A 6-inch lift with all-terrain wheels and tires make it tall and mean. An armored headache rack and armored bumpers give it an imposing look that commands respect. This truck's tough armored grille and fender flares add an extra degree of Stealth-coated cool to this tactical package. All-black wheels and all-terrain tires make for a capable lifted truck people will never see coming-until its big-time presence catches their eye, of course.


All it takes is one glance, and it's clear this is no ordinary vehicle. Accents like muscular body-colored fender flares, black step boards, and body-colored manufacturer badges give these trucks bona fide style. Details like black off-road wheels are subtly striking yet always ready for a romp in the mud. Plus, it stands tall on our 6-inch custom-developed lift kit, so this truck always backs up its great looks with big-time capability.


When you've got the itch to go faster, there's only one thing that's going to fix it: pure power. For people who love to go fast, there's no beating the SC480 from Rocky Ridge Trucks. The raw power of a legendary Callaway GenThree supercharger packs enough punch to blow your socks off. This performance package pushes a mighty 480 horsepower and 477 foot-pounds of torque, so you get all the get-up-and-go you need to own any road.


Burn down the road with the big bad lifted Silverado SC560 from Rocky Ridge. We took Callaway's GenThree supercharger and added it to lifted Chevy Silverado 1500s and 2500s. The result is 560 horsepower and 553 foot-pounds of torque, so the SC560 is always ready to explode down the highway or the trail with lightning speed. Step on the gas, and you better hold on tight.


The GMC Sierra Enforcer from Rocky Ridge is all about big power, big speed, and big style. This custom GMC Sierra comes in two flavors: hot and hotter. That means you can choose between 480 and 560-horsepower engines, both with a custom-installed Callaway supercharger to make all that power. The Enforcer package also gets a host of other performance modifications, producing reliable power that's backed by GMC's own warranty. That's how we do speed the right way.

When you're on the trail, you need a truck that can go where you need. The Realtree edition from Rocky Ridge trucks is built to tackle any terrain. You go anywhere with this truck thanks to a 6-inch lift kit and 35-inch off-road tires that give you way more ground clearance than your average pickup. Drive through streams, run over logs, or just let everyone in the neighborhood know your love of the hunt with this special-edition truck.